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4K Pergola™ Platinum Series

4K Pergola™ Platinum Series

4K Platinum is our highest level of Pergola utilizing the largest posts and beams.  Like all of our designs, it can be installed attached to a structure using two posts or in a free standing 4 post design.  All colors are available and may be integrated into your custom design without any up charge.

  • Description

    Our premium shade structure utilizing the largest posts and beams.

    • 6″ x 6″ posts
    • 2″ x 8″ beams
    • 3″ x 3″or 2″ HD (.078)  square lattice with extruded end caps
    • Option to stack beams for a more modern design

    Included in Platinum design:

    1. Our largest beams, 2″ X 8″ with our seamless beam connectors, 6″ X 6″ posts and galvanized post bases.
    2. Large 3″ X 3″ or 2″ HD (.078) square lattice for the greatest visual effect and sun blocking protection. Lattices can be separated to adjust sunlight penetration to a lesser or greater degree.
    3. Internal hidden color matched screws for lattice attachment or over beam installation.
    4. Option for a stacked 2″ X 6″ or 2″ X 4″ beam attached on the outside of the primary beam for a more modern design.
    5. Option for extended lattice allowing significant over reach beyond the end of any beam. Subject to engineering approval.
    6. Standard size 10×10 and 20×20 square feet install on concrete without footing, using galvanized post base brackets.
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